Saturday, 15 June 2013

Welcome To The Folk & Rock Musical Box

Hello and welcome to this new musical blog, where I will be journeying through the archives of good music from times past and present, but with a preference for the 1970s.  I'm a musician/artist, and have been an avid record/CD collector for most of my life, and will be sharing some favourites and also rarities from my searches and finds. My musical interests range from traditional English, Celtic and northern European Folk music, Folk/Rock, Rock, Progressive Rock, Early music/Medieval, Baroque, Classical, etc... I'm continually finding fantastic music previously unknown to me, and enjoy hunting out rarities.

There will tend to be a leaning toward whatever I'm particularly into at the moment, so it may be more focused on Rock, or Folk, or something else, then may shift into another direction.
The Folk & Rock Musical Box is meant to be a lovely and enjoyable place for music lovers to visit.  Comments are very welcome.

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