Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Colin Blunstone

Sometime back I heard some Colin Blunstone songs from the seventies, such as 'Andorra', 'Wonderful'  'This is Your Captain Calling' etc... that were very good and I've slowly been getting some of his records.  In the sixties he was in the band The Zombies,  and following that has been a long and successful solo career.  He also sang in the band Argent and has appeared on many of the Alan Parsons Project albums. 

                                       The first record I bought of his was 'Journey',

and recently after hearing this wonderful title song from his album 'Never Even Thought', from 1978, I had to get that one.  Here is the fantastic song (which lures one into listening to over and over), sung with a great depth of feeling as usual:

Ennismore was the next one I listened to, and like the others, has a nice pop rock sound with excellent musicians and wonderful sound and production. 
 Listen to the excellent 'Andorra':
And 'Wonderful:
I will be hunting out more of his enjoyable music in the future.

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