Monday, 14 October 2013

FOX 1975 Self-titled Record

This first record by the band Fox is one I've been interested in for some time and recently got the compact disc with bonus tracks, released by Cherry Red Records.  They were a very good band of regular looking, non-flashy fellows fronted by Noosha, a glamorous lady with a penchant for 1920s and 30s inspired frocks (I suspect some of them may actually have been very lovely vintage dresses, just as later Kate Bush would wear vintage dresses too).  She has a unique voice, quite beautiful yet sometimes going into a childlike style; which also was reflected in her stage presence, which seemed an unusual combination of seductiveness and innocence together.
There are some great songs on the record, which has a certain kind of atmosphere, a definite feeling and sound of 1975 sophisticated and original pop music. 

Here is a video of Fox performing 'He's Got Magic' on German television:

Here are Fox on Top Of The Pops on the 13th of March 1975, performing 'Only You Can':
'Red Letter Day', 'The Juggler' and 'Pisces Babies' are some other songs that stand out for their good melodies and music, and the production quality is high on the whole record, so a nice album and one to be recommended if you are in the mood for this sort of thing.

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