Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Teatime in English Pop Music


There are a few songs about tea, and, loving music and tea, thought it would be interesting to put some of these together for a little vintage-toned (as these songs all have a retro-feel to them, apart from the Stackridge song, which was rather progressive) English musical teatime.

To start off, the charmingly old-fashioned 'English Tea' by Paul McCartney:

How about a 'Jolly Cup Of Tea' with Roy Wood and Wizzard?

'Teatime' by Stackridge:

The Kinks extol the benefits of tea drinking and encourage us to 'Have A Cuppa Tea'

'Afternoon Tea'

Here's a jaunty and ripping version of this little ditty, 'Everything Stops For Tea', by Professor Elemental:
There's nothing like a good cup of hot, comforting tea, and some of us must start the day with it.   Besides keeping a good stock of tea (and music), over time one can easily acquire masses of teapots, teacups, mugs and attractive tins...along with the records and CDs.  
'Toast and Marmalade For Tea' by Tin Tin
Freely take tea every day, like the Rutles, and even biscuits.


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