Monday, 8 September 2014

Liverpool Express

Liverpool Express were an excellent band in the 1970's, but with musical origins in the 1960's, along with The Beatles.  Lead member Billy Kinsley and his band The Merseybeats even playing on the same bill as The Beatles at various clubs in the early days.  Some of the music of Liverpool Express is highly Beatlesque, with a leaning toward the Paul McCartney side; here and there making one think of what the Beatles may possibly have sounded like just a little bit, if the band had continued into the seventies (listen to 'Julian The Hooligan' and the beautiful and moving Beatles tribute song 'John, George, Ringo and Paul').
 The music is lovely and very melodic, varying from romantic ballads to rockier tunes, and is very good indeed.  This best of cd is one I strongly recommend to those who like really well-crafted pop music, of the kind that is rarely made today.
Billy Kinsley-Bass, Lead Vocals
Roger Scott Craig-Keyboards, vocals
Tony Coates-Guitars, vocals
Derek Cashin-Drums, vocals
'You Are My Love'
'All Time Loser'
'Every Man Must Have A Dream'
'It's Only My Imagination'
'It's A Beautiful Day'

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